TRANS-AFRIQUE LOGISTIC SERVICES LTD is 100% privately owned by Nigerians offering more than 5 years in procurement, logistic and marine services for clients in Oil & Gas/Manufacturing industries. Located in Port Harcourt, our team of 6 purchasing and logistics professionals work with our network of over 20 agents around the world to offer materials management alternatives across the spectrum of procurement from simple purchase transactions to fully outsourced procurement and delivery.

We have also diversified into marine services. Our technical partners in marine services namely: Aquarius Subsea Services LLC and Shipping Intl Inc. bring quality and efficiency to bear on our offshore support services.

We are engaged in provision of cost effective supply –chain management services . We source, procure, package, freight, clear and deliver to your nominated door.
Our long time objective is to operate on a global basis. Knowledge of the industry, coupled with years of cognate experience/relationship with Original Equipment Manufacturers [OEM] and their distributors abroad enable us to provide efficient and reliable services to our highly esteemed clients.

Trans-Afrique is dedicated to providing quality and cost effective supply solutions to our numerous customers. We understand the essence of time in every project and therefore expedite action on customer requisitions/enquiries and ultimately ensure prompt services to enhance delivery within the agreed time.
The quality of our services and the products we supply are never compromised. Hence, product procurement and delivery is always according to the customer’s explicit specifications.

3rd Party Procurement and Procurement Service Provider
Third Party Procurement is simply where you outsource procurement responsibility to us. TRANS-AFRIQUE takes care of all the details from initial bidding through final delivery as your purchasing and logistics department when you need one.
A specialized Procurement Agent, operating as a legal Agent on your behalf, will undertake all your procurement assignments. As such, we will fully be permitted to source your equipment & material needs and execute your purchases.

This approach to procurement/logistics may be something you have never considered before, but outsourcing of these services will save you time and money. If you already have a procurement department, we can compliment them with our experienced staff.

Why use us?
As a procurement/logistics service provider, we can offer you an opportunity to improve your procurement and logistics process, reduce costs for goods and services, enjoy the industry’s best practices and streamline source-to-pay processes without taking on the risks and costs.
We can meet your procurement and logistics needs and support your company’s competitiveness. Increase your overall supply-chain management strategies and enable your company to reduce cost structures. You can gain better control over total spending.
We help enterprises find alternative sources for goods and services globally and have it delivered anywhere in the world as one package rate. We are confident that we can save you money.

Material Delivery:
Our global network enables us to buy and ship from any
point of origin to your destination within the specified timeframe.

This is the new arm of Trans-Afrique.
We are determined to redefine the marine services offered to the Oil & Gas Industries. Our technical partnership with overseas partners give us an edge over most local marine service providers.

Our clients enjoy the following benefits:

We have been proven to be less expensive than most of our competitors as we do not overburden ourselves with unnecessary overhead.

We allow our clients enjoy limited credit facility for a period of time, this however depends on the agreement reached with the client[s].

Reduced risk through our extensive handling experience and sensitivity to ever changing national regulatory requirements and security issues, ensuring that specification and quality is never compromised.